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DIY Tip: Installing Drip Irrigation

Tune in to another episode of Samon's #DIY #TipTuesday! 💡 Getting your garden & flower bed ready for spring is super easy with drip irrigation! 💧💧💧 Visit your nearest Samon's location & pick one up! #SamonsDIY #gardening #spring

What are the different types of drippers? There are three types of drippers, On-line or end of line, in-line and flag. On-line drippers have a singular flow pattern and are identified by a barb on the color portion of the dripper. On-line drippers are pressure compensating for consistent flow rates and pre-set to specific gallons per hour referred to as GPH. On-line drippers have pre-set flow rates and are color coded red for half gallon per hour, black one gallon per hour and green two gallon per hour. In-line drippers are perfect for vegetable gardens because they are barbed on both sides of the dripper allowing for placement of the drippers in-line at the base of your evenly spaced vegetables. In line drippers are available in two pre-set flow rates and are color coded red for half gallon per hour and black for one gallon per hour. Flag drippers are unique in that they feature a “take apart” design, used for cleaning the dripper. However, they are NOT adjustable and the flag portion of the dripper does not act as an on/off function. Its simply a cleanable dripper. Flag drippers are color coded black for one gallon per hour, green for two gallons per hour and yellow for four gallons per hour. For more than 30 years Raindrip a subsidiary of NDS has been a leader in efficient irrigation solutions for the residential market. For more information on our products, other efficient irrigation products and special offers visit

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