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DIY Tip: Upgrading Your Evaporative Cooler

It's another exciting episode of Samon's #DIY #TipTuesday! 💡 Evaporative coolers cost only one-tenth to one-fourth as much to operate as refrigerated air conditioning & are much cheaper to buy! 🌬️🌬️🌬️

Single inlet, whole house evaporative/ swamp coolers are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Provides up to 75% energy savings over traditional air conditioning. Unique perforated air inlet screen provides the most powerful air flow in the industry. Thermoplastic water reservoir prevents corrosion. Heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet has a corrosion resistant finish. Electrostatically treated housing offers weather and impact resistance. 2-speed motor. All Champion Cooler Mastercool® units are engineered for easy access and maintenance.

Old evaportative coolers that are rusted/clogged means they operate less efficiently and won't cool your home.

Visit your nearest Samon's location & let us help you choose the right cooler upgrade for your home!! 😎😎😎

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